Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pasta Too on Urbanspoon

I am sitting here reading all of these great reviews and I just don't understand them. This place is horrible. I went there because of all of these great reviews plus it's close by. We got right in on a Friday night around 8pm which I was shocked because that never happens!! I ordered a glass of wine and the server brought it in a orange juice glass. Part of drinking wine is the beautiful glass it comes in. If I want an orange juice glass I can get that at home. We ordered wedding soup which I could tell immediately it was from a can. It tasted like canned soup. Then our meals came out. Which were extremely large. They could have been 2 meals. Mine was pasta with mushroom sauce. I was starving I couldn't wait to eat . It tasted like spaghetti O's. It was disgusting. The other meal was pasta Alfredo with chicken. It was creamy and looked delicious. My guest said Oh my god this is terrible, taste. So I did. The pasta was complete mush and the sauce tasted like dairy creamer with tons of butter. And the chicken was cold!! We each only had a bite and told the server we couldn't eat this food. She went to talk to the manager and he wouldn't take them off the bill. We had to pay for this food and they asked if we wanted to take it home. I said I wouldn't feed this slop to my dogs and walked out! I was appalled. The service was terrible the food was disgusting I don't know how anybody can eat here. We left and went to Olive garden which is always reliable and has good food.  I just don't understand how they could charge us for meals we didn't even touch I am dumbfounded by that in itself. Don't waste your money here just because it's family owned. That was the appeal for me too. Go somewhere you know you will have good service and good food. Try Talotta's in Carnegie 513 West Main street 15106 it's family owned little hole in the wall restaurant, but it's amazing...


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